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At Sapiens Biolabs, we love our own product. As a new company, it's always a gamble to see how a product will be received. Luckily, we have positive reviews pouring in. We're sharing one exceptionally detailed one with you in the blog.


I have played around with nootropics for a good 6 years now. Always been interested in the mechanics behind them, occasionally binge-reading into neuropharmacology in my free time, which is to say I've tried a ton of stuff by now.

Honestly, I'd kind of given up on nootropics the last few years, because I couldn't seem to get much merit out of them. Most of the stuff just kind of gave a small edge, just worked because it ramped up my stress levels, or even just confused me. Your product is a break from that trend.

It's really marvelous stuff. It gives me a relaxed kind of sharpness. I feel in control, and it seems like a good chunk of cognitive power has been "unlocked" for me, so to speak. It's kind of like one of those flow experiences, but it lasts all day. As if I've meditated for a while, but without the hassle.

I've been suffering of some minor deficits in focus and motivation lately, and your product more than made up for that. I was going to fail one or 2 classes, but now I'm pretty sure I'll rescue both of them. Some anxiety was blocking me from fixing some things in my life, but I'm on top of all that now, too.

The chemistry checks out. I can see how the different components interact. Caffeine + L-theanine is of course a classic. The L-theanine keeps the caffeine from causing stress. I also like that multiple ingredients have been shown to protect against cognitive decline, instead of *increasing* decline by just ramping up metabolism.

I'm glad to see someone create a product with some thought behind it, instead of just throwing a bunch of the latest hyped ingredients together.

All in all, a significant life upgrade. I'm going to carry this one along wherever I go. Thanks for putting it together!


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