Editors Pick: Top 5 biohackers of 2018

Famous Biohackers, an Editors Pick


The origin of Sapiens is rooted down deep in biohacking.  Behind the scenes we have been pioneering in this sector from the start. This is what gave us such an advantage when we created our Nootropic stack “focus”<linkto: homepage>.  Let us not bother explaining you the basics of biohacking. If you got this far, you know what it's all about, are we right?

We would love to show you around in the world of biohacking though, because it is the world we love to live in. What we will do, is introduce to you some of the most famous biohackers around the globe. People who have proven themselves as elite biohackers so to speak. They experimented (on themselves) and gave us awesome data and shared their experiences about this new frontier.

You are wondering who the we are talking about? Here you go:

1#: Rhonda Patrick

Rhonda Patrick has a Ph.D. in biomedical science. She seems to be aiming for the stars in the biohacking sector. Maybe not a veteran like the rest of the biohackers we mention in this blog but she is certainly one to keep an eye on.

She has alot of scientific videos where difficult issues are explained in simple way. Very accessible for both the newbie but yet interesting enough for the already more knowledgable enthousiasts.

Dr. Patrick has also developed a  pretty impressive genetics reporting tool for 23youandme <linkto:https://www.23andme.com/>.


The topics that Dr. Patrick   covers are:


Life extension / anti-ageing

Cancer prevention

Vitamin deficiencies





You can find her on Youtube <linkto: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCWF8SqJVNlx-ctXbLswcTcA?sub_confirmation=1>.



#2 Tim Ferriss


Tim Ferriss is a real stepping stone for people who want to have a proper introduction to biohacking. Thats why he is considered a “must see”.

As a lifestyle optimiser he has done alot of experiments on himself and that makes him a true pioneer. Going where no man has gone before and all that stuff. He has a very large crowd following him and his experiments.


The topics Tim  Ferriss covers are:





Personal development



Be sure to follow him on Twitter <LINKTO: https://twitter.com/tferriss>



#3 Wim Hof

“The Iceman”, or like we call him in the Netherlands: Wim Hof, has a very badass reputation when it comes down to cold-exposure and the extreme breathing which goes along with it. Validated by a clinical trial, it has been proven that with these techniques he boosts his immune system and prevents auto-immune diseases and various forms of sickness.

That is a real case of mind over matter, Wim!


Wim Hof is an authentic guy who wants to spread the word of his findings and skills, to help people do the same.


Wim Hof covers the following topics:

Improving energy

Reduce stress

Cold exposure techniques

Breathing techniques

Improving sleep



The best places to catch Wim “the Iceman” Hof online are :

his website <linkto:https://www.wimhofmethod.com/>,

Instagram <linkto:https://www.instagram.com/iceman_hof/>,

and Facebook <linkto:https://www.facebook.com/icemanwimhof>.



#4 Quantified Bob

As a quantified and data driven kinda guy, Bob resides more at the end of the biohacking spectrum. Quantified Bob runs alot of so called n =1 (LINKTO wiki?) experiments with the goal to further optimise his body and he shares this information with all of us. How awesome is that?


The topics Quantified Bob covers are:


Cognitive training

Quantified self

Practical biohacking experiments



#5 Peter Attia

Because Peter Attia experiments on himself (thus, a real biohacker!) for a great deal, he is one of our top picks. Not to mention he is a medical doctor. Apart from the audacious experiments on himself, he oversees clinical trials aswell.

When it comes down to treating chronic diseases and increasing athletic performance, endurace-wise, Peter Attia is a proponent of the ketogenic/low-carb protocol.


Topics Peter Attia covers:


Cognitive performance

Cancer prevention and minimisation(?)

Athletic endurance performance

Fat loss and weight management


Disease state management



You can have a peek (and like) on Facebook<linkto:https://www.facebook.com/peterattiamd>.


We hope to have given you a push forward,  expanding your mind and body. But if you want to push it even further then why dont you have a closer look at our “Focus” Nootropic stack <linkto:homepage>.


Kind regards,

The Sapiens Team



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